I want to have more book cover project. And by project i mean “real project” with contract etc. Not  a “proyek tengkyu” kind. I mean… you want people to buy and pay for your book but you want other people to give free stuff for you?

Well, i  would like a “proyek tenkyu” or “proyek kasih sayang”  in some special term and condition.

I want to be a children book illustrator too one day.

I want to be a fashion illustrator, but i’m not good enough to be one.

Right now, i can only be a blog illustrator. My own blog illustrator. Or sometimes get projects from my friends, or friend of my friend…

But you know, i love drawing, so i think it is still okay for me. At least, when i make illustration for myself, no one can tell me what to do.




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8 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. great and unique design, again. I haven’t seen many tigers with blue n pink stripes LOL. btw i heard that nilla has just got her book (about Google+) published. you should have designed the cover. :p

    1. I personally think it’s way complicated to design cover for that kind of book instead of romance or fiction. Tunggu masnya aja, kalo bikin buku, covernya aku yang bikin aja :))

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