Beauty Contest

Trapped in a beauty contest


Sometimes, I see the society as a huge beauty contest.

The women go on diet. Spend money on expensive stuffs. Expensive bags, beauty outfits, cosmetics, shoes.

Spend times and energy on sport (which is actually good) to shape their body, high class salons, spa, make up every morning.

And the women are sexy, or cool, or pretty, or extremely smart, or an awesome gamers (yet still look sexy or pretty), or beauty girls who understand football, or a cute artist who great at painting and got tattoo on her back. Or maybe just an air head with big boobs and her sexy little black dress, still, she has place in this beauty contest.

And I see my self as an ordinary, trapped between them; the beauty, the sexy, the smart, the cool, the awesome girls.

Mostly I don’t care about i, because most of my best friends are guys or girls that don’t care about make up and fashions. But there are times when I look at the people outside my circle.

I don’t have those expensive stuffs; outfits, bags, or shoes. If i got  some extra money, i’ll spend it on books, or give it to my mother.

I don’t have so much time to prepare my look with make up and outfits, because I like to use my extra time to get more sleep. Face powder, lipstick, and sometimes eyeliner are enough for me. As long as i don’t look like a “gembel”.

I don’t go on diet. I prefer to jogging every morning than diet. But then again, I like to use my extra time in the morning to get more sleep. Not running. I’d like to go to a gym, but i don’t have the money.

I am definitely a loser in this beauty contest (wonder who is the jury). Well. I never participate in this contest actually.

So, how about you? What is your rank in this beauty contest held by the society?


ps : mind my english. better got laughed at and learn than never practice just because you afraid of the society.

4 responses to “Beauty Contest

  1. not really care about fashion actually and sometimes my friend force me to buy a new outfit (magically, my clothes from 7 years ago still fit me).

    i think i have some money for gym, the problem is i won’t do that since based on experience, it only last for a couple of month before i lost my interest to go to the gym due to my laziness :p

    my beauty rank in society? in scale 1-10, the jury might give me 1, my fans go with 2, and my mom says 9 😐

    ps : please also mind my english

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