My Very First Pre-Wed Photo Project

Thanks to Mel and Haris for giving me the chance to do this. It was a pleasure for me.

From this project, i learned A LOT!

To be honest, i don’t feel satisfied when i looked at the result. I know that i should learn more, practice more. It really wasn’t easy; it’s exhausting, the heat, the field, people that always passing by and waste your time, the model (the models get tired to, you have to know how to handle it), the pose, keeping your hands still, the lighting (OHMAYGAWD THE FRIKKIN LIGHTING!!!).

When the photo session ends, doesn’t mean your job has ended too. You have to CHOOSE the best from hundreds even thousand pictures (seriously it was tiring), you have to retouch the light, rotate the picture if needed. Thank God I didn’t have to do something like digital imaging or retouching the face of the models. The models and make up artist was great.


property i prepared for them
“Remember the first time we met?”
Their expression was genuine 🙂
Oh, i’m so jealous…
“I can see me in your eyes.”
They’re meant for each other, yes?
They can be a romantic couple, also cute couple XD
Can you see that? The way she looks into her man…
How about this one? Too bad she’s taken, yes? :))
They will grow old together, in love. Definitely.
How sweet :3


I was sad when i found that some of my best shots (the composition, best composition) were blurry. I know I have to change my glasses as my cylinder increased.

But over all, IT WAS FUN. I really love the sensation of capturing images, finding pictures that shows emotion, watching smiles in my pictures. Photography is definitely not easy, it’s not about having expensive camera and stuffs (as i don’t have any), well it’s hard to do, but it’s somehow makes you feel more life. And… photography makes you value colors and nature, and things around you.

Kudos to Om Ragil Duta for lending me his light meter (which helpful, A LOT) and blitz, and to Mas Bengsin for lending me his fixed lense. Also, to both of them, for giving me suggestion and knowledges.

Anyway, these are some of my photos, feel free to give comments on my pictures. What do you think?


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11 thoughts on “My Very First Pre-Wed Photo Project”

    1. Jujur aja buat dapetin tone kyk gini susah bgt. Nyoba berkali kali dulu. Aku set pake picture style trus edit curve, vibration sama color balance. Berkali2 sampe dapet yg aku suka :))

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