Sigur Ros, Mystically Beautiful Sounds

I remember when my best friend, Nunu,  introduce me to Sigur Ros, a post-rock band from Iceland. Their music didn’t impress me, to be honest. I love to hear guys singing in falsetto, which that is why I love Radiohead and Muse so much (who doesn’t?). But Jonsi and Sigur Ros didn’t impress me like those bands did, at first.

I keep hearing their songs because I already had them in my playlist, it takes time until i realized how beautiful are their songs. Festival, Hoppipola, Illgresi, Gobbledigook, in my opinion, not kinda song that can make you fall in love at first listen. Maybe because i don’t have any clue what they’re singing about in those songs. But as i keep playing their songs in my playlist, I understood gradually, how magical Sigur Ros are.

I can’t describe how happy I was when I got their concert ticket in my hand. I even went to the concert by myself, not knowing whether i will get to buy the ticket  or not. I was like, “Nekad aja, lah”. Luckily the ticket seller wasn’t a liar (plus he was not ugly; gondrong, brewokan, with huge biceps and wide chest, also, a gamer). So we got into Istora Senayan together, both excited of seeing Sigur Ros.

Once i got in, i wait patiently. I didn’t care how tired I was because when i saw Jonsi’s silhouette behind the curtain on stage, I forgot of all the other things. The show started at  9.30 pm i think. Me and thousands people inside Istora Senayan, screamed spontaneously. They played Yfirboro behind a white curtain hence we can only saw their shadow, after that, the ambience changed as colorful lasers started to dancing on the curtain, with Jonsi, Goggi, and Orri’s shadows.

Sigur Ros on opening
Jonsi behind the curtain

This was the first time i saw how Jonsi plays his guitar with bow. The way he played it, so mystic and somewhat miraculous. And how it was represented in shadow with lighting and visual effects, made it looks more dramatic. Please mind my bad photo result, what do you expect, i was only using an old Blackberry *sigh*.

It was like entering the gate of mystical dimension, with his sound, Jonsi brought us into “galau” state. “Galau” and “giting” state at the same time. “Galau” without sadness, “giting” without mushroom or weed. Do you know what i mean? You feel gloomy but without depression, instead, a kind of beautiful gloomy. Ok, maybe i’m just exaggerating it, but i believe, every people who was in the same room with me at that time would understand what i’m trying to say.

Sigur Ros weren’t only cuddle us with Jonsi’s mystic sounds, or the personels skills with music instrumentals. They took us into their world by hypnotizing us with dynamic, yet romantic visual on stage background, lasers, even light bulbs on the stage. At first, when i saw the light bulbs pole, lots of them, placed on the stage, i kept thinking “What would they doing with the light bulbs? I want to see! I want to see!”. They played with all of them, in tune with the song.

Every lighting, every visual graphic, every motion, they moved, they shone, blinked, following the rhythm of the music. Nothing were misplaced or felt doesn’t fit the songs. Well, at one song I thought Orri Pal Dyson did a mistake, because his beats didn’t follow the music. But it wasn’t that, it was the beat, it’s just how he played; unusual. What I have in my mind: “Sigur Ros was weird. They are weird, but in a good way.” Kind of weird that would make you love them more.

I remember they played a visual of two mongoloids kissing, or a girl swimming into the sea with blue foams bubbling beautifully. Or when the light bulbs blinking follows the sound of submarine signals from song Sven-g-englar (how to spell it?). Or sands dancing magically, with the music. I was hypnotized, I closed my eyes, I dance, I didn’t care of anything around me ((:

Amazing visual!

And every time Sigur Ros played a well known song like Varud and Hoppipola, people screamed even it was still on the intro. I surprised when i found out some people can actually sing their song.

After reaching climax on Hoppipola, they calmed us down with Olsen Olsen and the other song i forgot. But then they played Festival, my favorite. And Jonsi can sang in 1 minutes (or more?) without catching breath! We clapped and yelled when we thought he’s done, but he wasn’t. He still hummed without stopping to catch breath. I don’t know how and why, but i felt something inside my heart that time. I believe everyone felt the same…

Suddenly, the lights out, and everyone gone from the stage. We screamed, “We want more! We want more!” I was like “Hey, you only sang for an hour!”. We screamed happily when the band showed up and sang an encore for us; Glosoli. And it ended the show with a beautiful climax, left us some kind of “Haaaahhhhh…” feeling. You know, kind of feeling you had when you miss someone precious, or when you secretly watching your crush smiling from distance.

See you again Sigur Ros!

At last, the band bowed at us, we clapped, maybe some of the people cried, because we don’t know when we will see them again. I will miss them 😀

Thank you for the man who give this precious moment for me. Thank you… It’s a beautiful gift. I wish you were there with me, then it would be a perfect night.

I hope next time i can see their live show again!


*maap Inggrisnya berantakan



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