How ironic…
He said she’s been through lots of hard things
While he knows exactly that I’ve been in lots of harder things since I was a kid

How ironic…
He said she has trust issues about relationships because of what happened to her siblings
While he knows exactly how my father betrayed my trust when I was teenager and how it affects me

How ironic…
He said he has to choose her because she has the same religion with him, not like me
While it’s a fact that he already knew from the very beginning
And he has to wait for years and found a replacement girl before decided to move on?

How ironic…
He said her ex-boyfriend has hurt her and it makes him want to save her
While he, now my ex-boyfriend, also hurt me worse then left me just like that to save her

How ironic…
He said he want to heal her pain
While he gave me greater pain to get her heart

How ironic…
How he wants to be her hero
And need to be my killer to become her saviour

How ironic…
How he’s the one who asked me to stay and fight for him
While he can just leave when he want to

Oh how ironic…

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