Something just crossed my mind as I was listening to Alanis Morissette’s Everything.

I’ve opened myself to him. I let him know my deepest secrets and fears. I let him know why I don’t eat well. I told him why I become what I am know.

In the night when I had my breakdown, I called him. He heard me crying.

I told him about my feelings and what scares me the most. I told him things that I can’t tell anyone because it would make me feel vulnerable.

I let him know everything.  And now it scares me. It scares me how a stranger knows everything about me. How could I let him know?

Yet he still got the heart to broke me into pieces.

And he told me exactly the same words with someone from my past.

“Thank you. I learn a lot from you.”

I bet you also see me as a strong woman and you think I will be just okay after what you’ve done to me. That’s how you found reasons for things you did to me. Just like him.

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