Candi Cetho; Where Saraswati Stands

It was my brother who showed me this image of Saraswati statue located in Candi Cetho (Cetho Temple), Karanganyar. I literally fascinated by its beauty, then I told him, “I want to get there. I want to see it.”

Several days ago I went there with my friends by car. It took approximately five hours from Yogya because the traffic was pretty busy and also the road wasn’t really easy. A taxy driver told us that usually people could get there in three hours if the traffic is normal.

You can get to Karanganyar via Solo city, which on the way you can find some nice restaurants to rest or having meals.

When you arrived at Lawu Mountain area (there’s where the temple located), you’ll have to pass a gate and pay five thousands rupiah per car. I don’t really remember but I think we had to pass two gates and paid five thousands on each gate.

The car park located exactly in front of the temple’s gate which is nice actually. We don’t have to walk that far. But there were so many steps because the temples are multi-staged (am I using the right words?). As you can see in below image.

Candi Cetho has nine stage and each stage has stairs and gapura or gates. What you see below is some kind of the front yard of the temple.

Candi Ceto

Some people says that Candi Cetho is a “candi mesum” or “pornographic temple” as you’ll find symbols of man and woman’s genital here. Like the one you see below, it’s a symbol of man’s penis.

Candi Ceto

Well, if it’s meant to be a penis, I think the balls are too close to its head.

Ok, I’ll behave myself.

At every gate/gapura there’s statues that placed on each side of the gate. Every statue has flowers as offerings. Which means, please behave yourself since this temple still treated as place of worship for the Hindus and Kejawen adherents. Those people treats the place and statues with respect.

Candi Ceto

gapura candi ceto


To get to the Saraswati statue, once you reach Candi Kethek, just go to the left and find a small gate that will take you to a small pathway. From there, just follow the pathway and steps then you’ll find a gate to an opened area. In the middle of the field, you’ll find a pond, with human-sized statue in the middle. That is the Saraswati Statue.

Candi Ceto016


I was fascinated by its beauty, and it was indeed as beauty as shown in the image my brother showed me previously.


Candi Ceto017

Surrounded by trees and nature, with sounds of the water flows from the fountain, I could feel the mystical effect that made me believe in God and Goddesses. Like, they are actually really close with us, with me.

Candi Ceto019


We can also throw coins into its fountain and make a wish, well, I don’t know that actually, but people seems believe in it. So I tried to throw a coin and make a wish. I won’t tell you what was my wish, but I’d let you know if it’s granted :p


Candi Ceto018

Later I found out that Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, arts, music, wisdom, and nature. Mostly well known as Goddess of knowledge and arts, which are two objects that I love the most. Omaygoat. Saraswati, from now on you are my God and I’ll pray for you! *dilempar tombak*

She’s part of trinity Goddesses in Hindu, besides Laksmi (Goddes of wealth, love, and prosperity) and Parvati (Durga, Mother of all God and Goddesses). So, most likely Saraswati is the coolest among them. I’ll definitely will named my daughter with Saraswati one day.

The trip to Candi Cetho was worth it, and I’m glad I could see the beautiful statue before my eyes. Too bad I didn’t have enough money to buy souvenir from there. I was in love with some necklace which the seller said was created using special kind of woods and already blessed. It was too expensive for me, around 150k (-_____-). If I ever be able to get there again, I’d buy that necklace. I want it so bad.

Hopefully there’ll be another visit to Candi Cetho 🙂


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  1. wih jd jg ke cetho, dan nganu, batu2 saru lainnya kok ga diposting juga hihi

    dan komenmu . I think the balls are too close to its head..
    kenapa ga dipindahin aja batu 2 biji itum biar logis hahaha

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