Does The World Unfair?

Do you remember our late night calls? I barely remember it right now. I can only remember our calls where I was crying because of nightmares, because of what my ex did to me, because of my unfortunate events, and all those bad memories.

I was such a sad person.

Remember when I cried, and asked, why the world was so unfair? Then you answered, nothing’s fair. And never will be.

I came to think that… actually the world is fair. No. To be precised. The world doesn’t care. It only gives what it has, and takes what it deserve.

It’s people that unfair. They take what they don’t deserve, they hurt other people and things. They steal what’s not theirs. They keep things that should be given to other people.

Do you realise that… you actually one of them? The unfair people.

You came, you lied, you took what’s not yours, then you left with everything.

So, when you said nothing’s fair. You should have said, no one’s fair.

To be fair with you, I was unfair too. I gave everything you didn’t deserve. On top of everything, my trusts.

I guess, before we blame the world and say the world is unfair, we should lay back, and think… have we been fair to ourselves by not giving and taking what we shouldn’t?

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