A note from me about COVID-19

I want to write this, because i hope, when this shit pass, i can re-read it, and remember, there was this time. We’re officially having pandemic, and COVID-19 is the name of this pandemic.

I read about this virus in February. At first i thought this would be like SARS or MERS, like, it’s still huge and dangerous, but the impact still can be handled. Boy, i was wrong. The moment i heard Wuhan city (where’s the virus first found) being locked down, i knew it’s gonna get very ugly.

Today, is my 11th day of self-isolating. I only went out once, to the hospital, because before i had to be hospitalized for 4 days due to typhoid. I had to go back to hospital for control and medicines. I went to a cafe before that with my friends, a day after i got out from hospital. But then, nothing.

I can’t even see my friends or my mom because i’m afraid i may have the virus. Though, it’s been 11th day and i feel okay. But i heard and read a lot of bad news. By today, Indonesia, my country, has 1046 of COVID-19 cases, 46 people cured, but 87 people couldn’t make it. This country is one of the country with highest rate of mortality.

In world wide, we have total 552.598 cases, with more than 25.000 deaths, and and around 128.000 recovered.

I heard a lot of bad news in my country. How some people still hang out to bar and coffee shops, throw wedding ceremony and other events with large crown, not realizing how dangerous our condition is. This freaking virus spreads easily, and crowds are its favorite thing. Also how some people died in poor conditions, how bad is the hospital service, how poor is the patients being treated, how we are not ready for this condition.

I really don’t know if i can make it out from this. I mean, i may caught the virus from the food deliveries and stuffs. It’s also bad for money. We’re fucked up, and half of Indonesians can’t see how fucked up we are they keep hang out spreading viruses to other people.

Tomorrow i should go to hospital to get my depression meds. I am so afraid. Among other things, hospital is one of the places i scared the most. I’m afraid i would catch the virus here. But i also can’t afford to live without my medicines, especially in time like this where my anxiety kind of spiked up. I started getting trouble sleeping even though i’ve drink my meds for that.

I really hope, we could go through this as soon as possible. I hope, we don’t have to learn our lessons in hardest ways, like, lost one of our family members, or friends. I know people already went through that, or are still struggling with it. I hope you guys can through this.

Hopefully in couple months, or sooner, we can go out again, everything get back to normal.

When that day come, i want to gather with my friends, rent a villa, and have fun. I will take my mom to a very nice dinner.

Stay healthy, guys. Keep your distance from other people, stay at home, self-isolate when you think you got the virus, and, be safe.

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