The Things That I Will Miss About You

  • Strolling around BSD in your car while listening to Metallica.
  • Drinking beers while talking about random stuffs with you.
  • Your scent.
  • Your voice.
  • Sleeping next to you.
  • Kissing your forehead and back while you’re playing mobile game.
  • Cuddling in your bed during the day because we’re too lazy to do anything and just enjoying each other’s company.
  • Preparing meals for you.
  • The stupid things you did unintentionally that make me laugh.
  • Getting panic when you’re tailing car in front of you too close. I hated it. But now i miss it.
  • That stupid song we sang a lot, “Kura kura mengapa jalanmu lambat atau tidak cepat…”
  • Your sexy angry face.
  • Combing your hair after you took bath or before we’re sleeping.
  • Your childish behavior when you’re sulking or want something from me.
  • Your puppy eyes.
  • The things you did to calm me after you made me upset.
  • When you said “Sini…” if i lay too far from your side when we’re about to sleep.
  • Watching you walking around the house only in short pants, i enjoyed seeing you half naked.
  • Of course. Your body.
  • How you stuff your face with snacks, lol.
  • That you don’t mind showing how clingy you were to me in front of my friends.
  • Your cute insecurities when i hang out with my friends without you.
  • Your voice tone when you call me “Aleee…”
  • When you put your arms around me, because you rarely did it.
  • Having meal with your mom and you at the dinner table as if we were already a family.
  • Your stupid Momoy and Bunbun. Please take care of Bunbun for me. It was one of my fav things in my room.


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