A Note from Yogyakarta: Ullen Sentalu

Ullen Sentalu is a private museum located on Jalan Kaliurang, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. The museum is initiated by Haryono family and now is managed by Ulating Blencong Foundation. I forgot what Ulating Blencong stands for  but as far as I remember the foundation was also founded by the family.

We can reach the museum from Yogyakarta by using public transportation, but the bus is rarely come. I suggest you to just rent a car to get there. It only took you 45-60 minutes to go to Ullen Sentalu from Yogya. The museum located on high land, hence it kinda remind you of Puncak, but it’s better than Puncak.

To enter the museum you have to pay IDR 25k per person. Also, you have to queueing since to enter you have to be in team consist of 15 to 20 persons and guided by 1 tour guide. The interval per team is approximately 10 to 15 minutes, therefore, after you buy the ticket, I suggest you to stay on the line. You know… because some people has no manner and won’t bother to cut off the line when there is a chance.

Please ensure you follow all the rules at the Ullen Sentalu Museum:

– no photo

– no video

– no food or snack

– don’t touch anything in the museum

In the museum, as i told you before, you will be guided by 1 person. The tour guide will explain you the history and the philosophy of the heritages in the museum. The tour took 30-45 minutes per round. At the end of the tour, you will get to taste a special drink from the museum. Why is it so special? Because they said the drink was formulated years a go by the ancestors and believed can make you stay young. I only took a sip of the drink because some greedy person took more glass than he or she has to. I was busy taking picture (that was the only room where you allowed to take picture) and when i got back to the table, all the glasses were already empty (-____-) Anyway, the taste was like a beras kencur herb drink.

Langit-langit ruangan rekreasi, satu-satunya area yang boleh difoto
You will see this pond at the closing of the museum tour
Artificial lake
Picasso-styled tiles – as told by the tour guide
You can buy souvenirs in this building
The back side of Beukenhof Restaurant

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